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FI Coatings employ a team of qualified coating specialists, ensuring that they follow good coating practices in line with recognised national and international standards.

They carry out surface preparation by using abrasive blasting techniques which create a surface profile, which acts as an anchor for the protective coating to adhere to.

As moisture can affect how the coating adheres to the surface, accordingly we carry out regular climate checks which are recorded during the coating process. single or multi coat systems are applied in line with customer or paint manufacturer's specifications.

The wet film coating thickness is measured and recorded to ensure that it will cure to the specified dry film thickness. Dry film thickness is measured and recorded to ensure it complies with the specification.

A painting report accompanies every completed job.

Paint is applied in contrasting colours to ensure that each coat is easily identified as completed as it is applied.

Paint manufacturers supply a coating system data sheet for each product detailing pre-treatment specifications, wet/dry thickness, recoating intervals, mixing and handling of the product.

Paint is applied in specific ways depending on the type of application recommended by the manufacturer, and may consist of hand painting specific areas before spraying.

Each coat is checked for defects such as drips, blisters, pinholes, if any contamination of the painted surface is identified this should be removed.

Thermal Metallic Spraying
metal spraying (thermal spraying) is a coating method typically used in the construction and engineering industries. the oxy-acetylene mix is often used as an alternative to galvanizing with the benefits of being able to paint directly on top of the product with no distortions.

thermally sprayed aluminium (TSA) has fantastic corrosion protection properties making it an ideal coating solution for oil rigs and the North Sea industry.

All coatings are supplied with product data sheets and quality control certificates the thermal coat is applied uniformly over the entire surface and multiple layers should overlap the coating should be uniform and free from lumps, spattered metal, bubbles.