FI Coatings Ltd
Grangemouth Road
EH51 0PU

Tel No : 01506 825270
Fax No : 01506 825602

Project Management and Reporting.
We utilise a bespoke Database system to manage incoming jobs, assign jobs with information being assigned to staff in a clear traceable format, record enviromental conditions, paint specifications and delivery notes.


Blast Booth
6m Wide x 5m high x 15m Long
Dust Extraction Filtration System
Fully Recyclable System

Wheel Abrator
1.5m Wide x 1m High Aperture
Utilising GP25 Abrasive
Fully Recyclable System


Paint Spraying Area
Shed 1 = 10,000 sq ft
Shed 2 = 16,000 Sq Ft
Utilising Graco Extreme 70:1 Spray Units

Dust/Fume Extraction Filtration System

Thermal Spraying
Utilising either Gas or Arc Applying TSA or TSZ

Deal with all Major paint manufacturers to provide the best product for specific jobs

Work and Storage Areas

Shed 1 = 10,000 sq ft
Shed 2 = 16,000 Sq Ft

Storage/Layout Area
We have a laydown/storage area of 1.5 acres

Lifting equipment
1 x 5 tonnes Sideloader
1 x 6 tonnes Sideloader
4 x 3 tonnes Forklifts