FI Coatings Ltd
Grangemouth Road
EH51 0PU

Tel No : 01506 825270
Fax No : 01506 825602
Welcome to FI Coatings Limited

Based in Central Scotland we provide a friendly and professional service to a wide range of industries throughout the UK


We can provide on-site and off-site services for a wide range of projects from one off items to long term repetitive projects

On-Site Services include blasting, spraying,fire protection and painting. with over 1.5 acres of storage space for laying out of client items.
2 sheds giving a combined
26,000 sq ft of working area ensuring a quick turnaround

Off-Site Services include shot blasting, spray painting, power washing,thermal coating(TSA), fire protection.

Quick Turnaround

Having a close relationship with our clients allows us to understand the needs of their business.

That relationship and our many years of experience allows us to provide a fast and efficient turnaround of projects. at a level of quality they have come to expect from us.


We belive in working with local business as well as large international buisinesss and to that end we have been involved in the following areas

Oil & Gas
Nuclear Power
Construction Industry
Water Services
Electrical Power Services