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Prior to blast cleaning all surface must be degreased and cleaned using the appropriate products for the material being cleaned.

All materials being prepared prior to coating must be cleaned to an industry Surface Preperation Standard.

These standards are revised periodically by the Coatings Society at and we ensure that we keep up to date with the latest revisons of most common preperation standards required for blasting and coating are SSPC-5, SSPC-10 but these standard change depending on the type of material being cleaned and the cleaning process being used.

When Blast Cleaning you are forcing an abrasive substance using compressed air onto the surface being cleaned, you can use this to either clean a surface or use it remove existing paint or corrosion back to a bare surface.

Varying the pressure of the compressed air will determine how much material is removed.

Different grades of abrasive materials will be used determined by what type of contamination is to be removed and the type of surface being cleaned

It is important that appropriate protective clothing is used during this process.

UnBlasted Class 2 Blasting Class 3 Blasting